Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Fall Foliage

For those of you who need another "Fall Fix," check out my good friend Juli's blog. She is up in the northeast and just posted a lot of pictures of the fall she's experiencing. I'm more than just a little jealous. Love you Juli!


Two summers ago I took a photography class through the University. I learned a lot and gained a new appreciation for really good photographs. I would take dozens, or hundreds of shots for an assignment (thanks to the wonders of digital photography) and then realize that only a handful of them were really worth turning in. But I really enjoyed the class. Some of the assignments in particular were challenging and fun.

One of my favorite assignments was called "Dogs and Eagles." All our pics were to be taken from the perspective of a dog (low to the ground) or an eagle (high in the sky). Maybe it's because I'm short already, but I really enjoyed the pics taken from the "dog" perspective. So here are a few shots from this assignment. And if you think you recognize some of the things in the photos, you probably do. I didn't range very far for my subject matter.

Friday, October 19, 2007

And the prize goes to...

I was at work yesterday when one of my co-workers came back to me and said there was a guy in the front to see me. My first thought was, "How did Brian get here when I have our car?" Then my co-worker said the person waiting was a younger guy, with brown, curly hair. That had me really confused - Brian definitely doesn't have curly hair. So I walked up to the front desk, a little nervous about who I was meeting. When I got up to the front, I of course recognized our good friend Josh Butcher. On his latest trip to WalMart (to buy flowers for his wife) he had decided to look for the lemon juice himself. And of course he found it. So he dropped by my office to make a special delivery. Thanks Josh!!

Maybe next week I won't be able to find the Bluebell...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Linguistic Profile

I found this on "Party of Five," and thought I'd check it out for myself.

After answering some questions, here is my linguistic profile:

60% General American English
30% Dixie
5% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

I'm not as southern as I thought, apparently. Nor has my Dad rubbed off on me as much as I expected. Sorry, Dad. (maybe Dixie is wearing off on you...gasp!) So I guess I'm pretty much a General American in my speech. Which means what, exactly?

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where in the WalMart....

I have a question for you all: where does WalMart stock the lemon juice and lime juice? And I don't mean the little fruit-shaped bottles they keep in the fruit section. I'm talking about large bottles that you can use for cooking or baking. I know they exist, because at some point in the past, we managed to find them. They're hiding from me now, however. We've checked the fresh fruits, juice aisle, drink mixes, baking, I even checked near the tea bags, thinking "people put lemon in their iced tea," but nothing.

So if anyone can shed some light on this mystery, I'd be very grateful. At this point, I'd even appreciate knowing where to find it in HEB, Albertsons, Kroger...

Monday, October 15, 2007


The name of my blog came out of the idea that I always have a project of some sort going on. And so I like to think of our study as an artist's/architect's/craftsperson's studio. My original thought for this blog was that I could post pics of whatever project I'm working on or I've just finished. I'm currently working on a quilt, but I haven't taken photos of the completed squares yet. So instead I'll post images of an old project, one of my favorites from grad school.

The purpose of this project was to design a review/display space for the Architecture building. The space was to be primarily used for reviews, but would hopefully provide display space for student work when not in use for reviews.
In grad school, almost all my project work was digital. I designed my buildings, produced images and put together presentations, all in a digital format. Most of my presentations were done in PowerPoint, with large posters (or boards) that served as support to the digital presentation. So a review space needed to accommodate both physical and digital presentations.
I named my final design Re-Play, because I feel that it functioned as both RE-view and dis-
PLAY space. (and was one of the few that did both, I might add) When closed for presentations, Re-Play provides pin-up space on the exterior for project posters. They can be previous projects, or avertisements for the presentation taking place inside.

On the inside, Re-Play has both pin-up space for posters and boards, and a screen for digital presentations (the project on display in these images is my project from the previous semester - maybe I'll post about that one later) The thought for the ceiling boards was that they would help muffle noise outside of the space, and allow the audience to hear the presenter. And in case you're wondering how you get inside Re-Play to see a review, that brings us to the coolest part about this design (if I do say so myself)

With a lot of my Dad's help on the engineering end of things, I designed a system that would allow the individual panels of Re-Play to move in and out on a linear track, as well as pivot 180 degrees on a central point. To enter Re-Play, one of the panels could be pulled out on its track and turned like a large door. This movement also allows Re-Play to be opened up and used as a walk-through display space when not in use for reviews.
And for those of you who like plans, here's one of the infinite ways Re-Play can be opened and postitioned for display...
This project turned out to be one of my favorites for a few reasons. One, I was really pleased by the fact that it worked equally well as review and interactive display space. Two, it gave me a chance to work with my Dad and work out some pretty cool engineering details. Three, it was small enough that I had time to really get into it and work out the small details. Most of my projects in grad school were so large scale that I never got to focus on the little details. This one was small enough for me to think through what most of the materials would be and the variety of ways it could be used.

So, there's Re-Play. I'll try not to go so long before my next posting. Sorry to all the faithful blog-checkers out there!!