Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Supper Tonight

Tonight we made a really yummy pasta dish with cauliflowers and capers from this recipe:

Michael Symon's Angel Hair Cauliflower Parmesan

I was a bit skeptical the first time we made it, since I'd never had cauliflower before, and assumed I wouldn't like it.  But I was wrong.  The cauliflower, and the entire dish is really good.  The capers add a really great salty, tangy taste that counter-balances the mildness of the cauliflower and pasta.

Tonight we added a little twist to the original dish, and made it with purple cauliflower.  It was only 50 cents more than white cauliflower at the store, and I figured we could afford that "splurge."  I was also hoping that the fun color would help convince Jonathan to eat it, but it didn't work after all.

We also added some fresh spinach at the end.  We needed to use it up, and wanted another vegetable with the meal.

Overall, it was a very tasty dinner and a very pretty one, and I'm looking forward to left-overs!