Saturday, February 4, 2012


After trying for a while, Brian has finally succeeded in broadening my food likes. At least a little bit. Recently, I've developed a taste for Mediterranean foods, becoming a huge fan of hummus. After buying a food processor a few weeks ago (partly justified by my desire to make hummus at home) I've been browsing for a hummus recipe that seemed authentic and doable. This afternoon I finally decided on a recipe and made some hummus. And I am glad I did!

I found the recipe at this website: . The site has lots of recipes for middle eastern foods, including several variations on hummus. I thought I'd start with just a basic recipe for my first attempt, but I've got my eye on several of the variations for future Saturday afternoons.

The only modification I would make to the above recipe is to use just a bit less olive oil. The final product was not as thick as we would prefer, but overall very yummy! Or at least Brian and I thought so. Jonathan wasn't convinced!

One other note about the recipe: it calls for tahini, a paste made of toasted sesame seeds and olive oil. After reducing the tahini recipe (found elsewhere on the same site) to an amount needed for two batches of hummus, the amount of sesame seeds was too little for the food pro to process. So I just dumped the sesame seeds and olive oil into the bowl with the other hummus ingredients, and the seeds got processed just fine. All in all, a very yummy snack that I will definitely be making again.